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Long-Term Success Strategy

Firstly we talked about what is brand identity and how to choose your name, look and story.  Next we discussed how to make your brand memorable.  Then we went on to cover how you can get your brand out there.  However, that is not the end of our Visual Branding Guide.  You can’t just stop and hope your business will continue to grow if you do not continuously put in the work.  Part 4 of our visual branding guide; “Long-term Success Strategy”, might be the hardest of all the sections but that is because it is the ongoing marketing and care for your Visual Branding.

Branding is a marathon, not a sprint and you want to keep the momentum going from all the hard work you have put into it so far.  Hence we will cover a few points that will help you build your long-term success strategy.

Good customer supportA. Continuous good customer support

One of the most important aspects of your business’ Long-Term Success Strategy is your customer service.  You have worked so hard to get your business to this point you do not want negative comments to tarnish your name.  Therefore if a customer has an issue take the time to show them you care and that their issue is important to you.  You want to solve any issues that come up quickly and smoothly.  Once the issue is resolved that customer is more likely to return as they have gained trust in you and know if anything were to happen it will be dealt with swiftly.

It takes just one good experience for your customers to be satisfied and tell others about what great service and support you offer.  And as stated in our last section: “Visual Branding 101 – Part 3: Get Your Brand Out There” , having something positive go viral can really boost your business sales and recognition.

B. Stay flexible

Okay I know I said stay consistent and YES that is what you need to do in your branding.  However, you can always leave room for flexibility in your marketing strategies as the market, consumers, and competitors are constantly changing.  As your business grows your business goals are going to change and evolve therefore your marketing strategies will have to evolve as well.  In other words, keep your look consistent enough to still be identifiable to your loyal customers but with enough variations to be fresh and interesting.  As a result this will help you gain new customers and keep your existing ones around.

Since there are millions of businesses out there you need to stay relevant in your customer’s eyes, not get lured away by your competition.  Therefore you need to be creative and continuously come up with great marketing ideas. It is also key to keep track of your results for each marketing campaign you do.  This will allow you to compare them and see what works and what doesn’t.

Team workC. Employee Involvement

As your business grows so will your team.  Therefore it is important that your staff know and understand your brand identity.  That way they know how they should be representing your brand and communicating with your customers.

For example, if your brand is fun and shows a playful atmosphere through your social media, it would not make sense for your customer support staff to be serious or grumpy when speaking with your customers. To avoid this from occurring, you need to be committed to keeping your brand consistent across all departments.  Get involved and be dedicated to your long-term success strategy.

D. Have a Loyalty program

Loyalty ProgramAnother critical part of every Long-Term Success Strategy and a great way to get involved with your customers and show them how much you appreciate them is by rewarding them through a loyalty program.  Whether a customer has written you a great review, or referred a friend to your company, saying thank you will go a long way.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple thank you.  Other times going above and beyond their expectations could really get you noticed.  Sending them some special swag, or a personalized thank you letter, featuring their review on your website, or giving them a discount.  Thus these are all ways you could show your customers you care.

At the end of the day, highlighting a positive relationship between you and your existing customers sets the tone for what potential customers can expect when they choose to do business with you.

In conclusion, you can see that your brand strategy is not just about the choosing a name and getting your name out there.  It is also about your long-term strategy and meeting your long-term goals.

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