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Aggregate Internet

Bonded Internet connections at a price you can afford!

Get increased download and upload speeds

With AllCore’s Aggregate Internet

We have tailor made this Aggregate Internet solution for clients who need the increased download and upload speeds that regular DSL can’t offer and be more cost effective as well. The solution is based on new technology and hardware that AllCore has become an exclusive distributor in Ontario for and that is why we can offer this solution in such a cost effective way. This includes a DSL bonded solution which we will configure with our device; it is also fully managed for the term of the contract.

Aggregate Internet combines the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections into a single, faster virtual connection.

How does AllCore’s Bonded Internet work?
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High Performance

Improve performance by never worrying of down time, the full bandwidth of each connection is always available.

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Fully Managed

We are here to answer any questions or concerns throughout the term of your contract.

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Incredible Reliability

Failed connections are detected immediately so you will have NO dropped sessions, NO dropped VoIP calls and incredible up-time.

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Cross-Carrier Redundancy

Advanced algorithms can bond any connection, any latency, any speed, our technology handles the rest.

Higher Bandwidth
Faster Speeds
Greater Reliability
NO Dropped Calls
Internet is Better!
Enhanced Resilience
Lower Costs
Better Service
Unlimited Data Transfer

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What we can help you achieve

Improved Performance | Increase Reliability | Faster Connection

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    How Aggregate Internet works

    How does Aggregate Internet work?

    1. Traffic bound for the client network first passes through the Aggregator, where the data stream is divided, each packet routed independently through one of your individual Internet connections.
    2. When the packets reach the CPE, they are recombined into the original data stream and forwarded to the client network.
    3. Traffic from the client network takes the opposite path: the bonding appliance distributes the traffic among your connections and it is recombined at the Aggregator before being sent to the destination host.

    How can Aggregate Internet help my business?

    Aggregate Internet allows us to use smaller DSL or FTTN circuits to deliver a large aggregate service that is both redundant and fault tolerant, but also provides a large Internet connection where one would not be available normally.