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WordPress Website Management

Updates, Backups, Site Optimization, Reports, Security and more

Leave your WordPress Site in our trusted hands

AllCore’s WordPress Website Management

Taking care of a WordPress website can be time consuming; from updating your plugins, themes and core, to running security scans, checking performance levels and updating content which there never seems to be the right time to do it. Your schedule is already filled with business meetings and reports, taking the time out of your day to perform all these tasks tends to get pushed to the side.

However by not having the time to do these tasks could be putting your site at risk of performance and security issues.  Let us take that burden off your shoulders and manage your WordPress Website for you. 

Get peace of mind knowing your WordPress Core, theme and plugins are always up-to-date, your site is Optimized, you have zero Security risks, you have daily backups and your running at top Performance levels. 

Great WordPress Website Management solution at a great price!
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We update your WordPress Core, your Theme, and all your plugins as they are released. An up to date WordPress Website keeps your site running smoothly and protects you against hacks, viruses and malware attacks.

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Database Optimization

A vital part of your website maintenance is performing optimization on your WordPress database. This helps reduce the chances of your database getting corrupted and causing problems.

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Secure Backups

Regular backups of your site files, images, and database will be executed to ensure you always have an up-to-date copy of your website.  Available and ready to restore or move your site if you need to switch to a new server.

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Monitoring and Security

We regularly monitor your site and run security scans making sure everything is performing properly and is up-to-date. We send you monthly reports so you can see what has been updated, and see the results of all our scans.

Theme Conflict Resolution
Performance Scans
Uptime Monitoring
Peace of Mind choosing AllCore
SEO Analysis
Executing Updates
Content Changes

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    Is it really that important to do updates?

    It is extremely important that the plugins, WordPress Core and theme updates are done regularly! Each one comprises of many files and when these files are out of date you’re opening up your site to potential risks of hacks, viruses, site crashes and malware attacks.  By keeping your site up-to-date you remove all these risks and you will have a smoothly running website.