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What does Managed IT Services mean to you? I find that this phrase has many meanings, it all depends on who you talk to.  If you talk to the blue collar worker, it means I’m the guy that sets up their printers and changes their network password from time to time.  If you’re talking to an executive, I’m the guy in the corner cubicle that does nothing all day until they call me into their office because they want to know why their wireless mouse doesn’t work.  Basically, I’m an IT butler that changes batteries all day.

IT SuperheroWelcome to the world of IT.  One minute you feel on top of the world for fixing the photocopier and everyone high fives you as you make the proud walk back to your cubicle.  Next minute, you are getting yelled at because someone can’t find the bold icon in Word and it’s somehow IT’s fault for hiding it.  Ah, the highs and lows are great, aren’t they!  One moment you’re an IT Superhero with his cape flapping in the wind, the next moment you are shoving that cape in your mouth to muzzle your screams from being heard.

But let me get one thing straight, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Yes, the lows are not pleasant, but the highs outweigh everything.  Something that is so trivial to an IT Superhero and takes just a few clicks to accomplish, but would take someone else half a day to figure out, and brings such joy to that person that it make you feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness.  I love that feeling of helping people and the harder the issue the greater the joy when I conquer it.

What does Managed IT Services mean to you?

What does Managed IT Services mean to you?

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Now there is more to IT than changing batteries and fixing photocopiers.  What most people do not see is all the proactive background work that your IT department performs on a day to day basis.  Sometimes it’s even night to night so there aren’t any interruptions or downtime during working hours.  Without this work being accomplished, the lows during the day might be a lot more frequent.  And this all comes down to having good managed services in place.  From remote monitoring to automatic patch management to endpoint security, these are the services that work in the background to help IT keep the lows to a minimum.

Furthermore, let me get another thing straight.  You can have all the latest tools, software, and gadgets you want but, when something is going to break it’s going to break.  I’m serious, you can hire a person to stare at your server for 24 hours, 7 days a week but when the server shuts down because the power supply surges, he won’t be able to help.  He can scream, cry and yell for help, but the server is down and out.

OK, since I started this analogy, let’s go with it.  So you hired a guy to sit on a stool for 24/7 to stare at your server.  But, after some time he smells something weird coming from the back of the server or he hears a clicking sound coming from one of the hard drives or he feels the top of the server is getting really hot.  So now instead of waiting for a disaster to happen, he calls for help and the cavalry comes and saves the day.

AllCore’s Managed IT Services

Get Peace of Mind knowing your systems are running smoothly

This is what our Managed IT Services does for you.  We are that guy on the stool watching your server 24/7 and as soon as an alert is triggered, we jump off that stool and fix it.  Don’t believe other companies guaranteeing that they can have your network or server up 100%, no one can guarantee that.  What we can guarantee 100% is that we will monitor and proactively resolve any issues that arise.  We can proactively act on alerts and try to minimize disasters to as close to zero as possible.

We will not only monitor your systems for imminent failures, we will also automate Patch Management on your network, create a Backup/Recovery/Continuity plan, and review your Hardware Life Cycle strategy plus many more services.

AllCore's Managed IT Services

In conclusion that’s what it boils down to; who you have on that stool staring at your server.  So what does Managed IT Services mean to you? Do you value your company’s time and money? If so, you understand you can’t just have anyone on that stool.  Contact us today to find out more on how we can give you that peace of mind you are in need of.

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