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We have all seen the headlines on the news in the last few weeks about law firms in BC, a Michigan radio stations, regular families and the University of Calgary having been hit with RansomWare (cryptolocker / cryptowall) attacks.  Many of these people have even paid the ransom to get their files back and access to their computers.  The University of Calgary paid $20,000.00 to get their files and computers back. So how do you prevent Ransomware attacks is on everyone’s mind.

Prevent Ransomware on computer

In light of these bold, more frequent attacks the question every computer and business owner need to ask themselves is:

Are you ready for an attack?  What would you do if your home computer or business was the next victim?   Would your business survive? Would you pay to get your personal files back?

These are difficult questions to ask, but the importance of asking them is crucial.  As a result it brings to light the fact that there are steps and solutions you can take to help prevent ransomware from impacting your life in a negative way. Read our previous blog post “Are You In Danger Of Ransomware?“, if you do not know what Ransomware is.

Cryptolocker and cryptowall are among the most common versions or forms of ransomware impacting the world today. One of the most important things you can do is be prepared. This will reduce the chance that ransomware like cryptolocker or cryptowall will infect your computer(s) or network.

Prevention is key, once cryptolocker is on your computer it’s too late; if you have not taken steps to protect yourself you will become the next victim on their list.

Here are 5 tips on How to Prevent Ransomware – don’t become a victim:
  • First of all, check your computer and make sure it’s up to date with all of the latest service patches from Microsoft.
  • Check and ensure all of your desktop applications are up to date as well. Therefore programs like Adobe, Microsoft Office and other similar applications should be updated to the latest versions and service patches.
  • Ensure you have an up to date & working anti-virus and malware program installed. Hence, the preferred solution is one that checks all of your files before you are allowed to open them.
  • Lastly, ensure you are using good reliable backup software. One that can take backups of your files for you and keep them off-site from your location.

Once you’ve taken these steps to protect yourself; as a result you will be 50% of the way to being protected and almost invincible.

A couple other important point to think about:

  • Never open email attachments from people you don’t know. Most reputable organizations sending you email and files will include your first or first and last name in their email.  Yet this can be misleading, if your email address is  Therefore, it’s very easy for a spammer to send you ransomware with your real name showing.
  • Always think twice before starting the download; because once the ransomeware files are on your computer it’s too late to turn back.
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In conclusion, the important part to remember is the preventative steps we’ve outlined are very cost effective and easily in reach of residential customer and corporations alike.

A good IT support company or Managed Service Provider will be able to help you ensure your computer is protected as best as possible to prevent ransomware attack.

Finally, if you have question on how to prepare your computer or would like our team to help you plan and implement these suggestions to prevent Ransomware please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-320-0011.  We have IT Support solutions for residential customers and large corporate IT systems.  Our team of IT support staff are her to help.