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Happy Easter 2016

By March 27, 2016May 31st, 2016No Comments
Happy Easter 2016

Today Easter morning is celebrated with “The Easter egg hunt”.  It is said that the Easter egg hunt is to follow the visit of an intrepid hare (aka “The Easter Bunny”) who hides the eggs in the middle of the night as gifts to deserving children.

But did you ever ask yourself this all-important question:

Which came first, The Easter Bunny or The Easter Egg?

Easter, for many, has its roots in religious beliefs and customs. There is a story about Oestre, a Pagan Goddess, who came across a bird who was dying from being out in the cold. She was so taken by the bird’s plight that she transformed it into a rabbit, so that its fur would help keep it warm, and therefore prolong its life. Here’s the thing… some things didn’t change in that transformation… the bird turned bunny could still lay eggs!

In other stories and folklore, eggs have been introduced to the Easter traditions because they represent fertility and rebirth. This symbolism can easily be applied to both the Christian belief of resurrection, as well as the many other cultural beliefs focused on fruitfulness and fertility.

And how did the basket get in the mix? Baskets were used to transport the crop seedlings to temple. Also… in some myths, the grateful bird turned rabbit painted its eggs in beautiful colors and gave them to Oestre as a gift of gratitude.

No matter what your beliefs or traditions, there is no denying the happiness that accompanies Spring.

This Easter, take the time to research and share amazing stories with your children. Rejoice in their smiles and laughter as they hunt for brightly colored eggs. Dress up in your Sunday finest and welcome Spring with your family. And know that Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love and joy!

Tell us your story and what do you think came first The Easter Bunny or The Easter Egg?

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