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A typical conversation with a potential client regrading their backup, recovery & continuity plan:

Me:                  Do you have a Backup Plan?
Client:             Are you kidding me, of course!
Me:                  Great, do you also have a Recovery Plan?
Client:             I got it covered, forget about it!
Me:                  Awesome, and finally what about your Continuity Plan?
Client:             Piece of ca….Wait what…where…who….get our IT guy in here pronto!

Those are pretty much the answers people give when asked about their current Backup, Recovery & Continuity Solution.  Backup and Recovery procedures are always in place, but hardly anyone has a Continuity plan.  I guess for some 2 out of 3 is good enough; I only like those odds in Candy Crush, and that’s the original not the Soda or Jelly!

Do you have a Backup, Recovery & Continuity plan?

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Today, most backups are now stored “in the cloud” along with everything else.  How long would it take for your business to download a full backup of a server, laptop or desktop image? If you are backing up your server that way, you then need to burn it to a DVD and then install that image onto a new server.  And that only works IF you have a duplicate server sitting waiting for a disaster to happen.  Therefore you will probably be offline for 2-3 days, if you worked around the clock to recover.  Well, at least you have Candy Crush to keep you occupied.

Welcome to AllCore’s BRC solution

Backup, Recovery & Continuity

Your computers will back up as frequently as you like with AllCore’s BRC solution snap-shots. As often as once every 15 minutes. Then if there is a disaster, we can recover from the most recent snapshot and you lose less than 15 minutes of data.  If your server or computer is damaged, our team can run your backup snapshot from our backup equipment until your hardware is repaired. This way your business will not experience any downtime or loss.

Now those are the kind of odds I can live with when it comes to my business. Okay, so now you are saying to yourself “blah blah blah, heard it all before, prove it”.  Done.  We will give you a 30-Day Free Trial of our solution; no obligation, no commitment and no fees.  If after the 30 day trial you’re unsatisfied our technical team will remove the solution, no problem.

Sounds pretty good. Give us a call today toll free at 1-866-320-0011 then choose option # 1 to try our Backup, Recovery & Continuity solution!  You won’t be disappointed, you will finally be able to rest easy knowing you are protected from all possibilities.

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