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Website Speed Affects Your Search Ranking

By April 11, 2014June 7th, 2018No Comments

Website Speed is Important to Google

Everyone knows Google is obsessed with speed; everything from the speed of their search results (which is why they tell you it takes about 0.44 seconds to find about 12,200,000 Website speed effects your search rankingsearch results for cPanel hosting) to the speed of the internet (given the fact that they have recently started discussions with 34 cities across the United States to launch Google fiber internet to every day web users).

But what we find really interesting is that 4 years ago on April 09, 2010 Google posted an article on their blog ( about how the importance of your website speed, how fast it responded and how well it performed; was going to impact your search ranking results in their search engines.

How Website Speed Works

What most average users don’t realize is that the first thing that happens when you look for a website is that a request is made from a DNS server,  every website has a DNS listing, and if your DNS server is slow, busy or over worked, this can impact your website’s performance.  The average user may not see the slow-down.  But to Google, and their indexing software, this could mean the difference between being seen on the first page or possibly the second page of a search listing.

It’s basically a given fact in today’s internet world that you need a minimum of two DNS servers to have a working website. Most good internet providers offer you a minimum of 3 and some even offer more.  Do you know how many DNS servers your website uses?  Does your web-host offer an Enterprise DNS or AnyCastDNS service for free to help increase your website speed?

AnyCast DNS can Increase your Website Speed

AllCore AnyCast DNS ServiceAs part of our focus on helping our customers get the best internet experience possible, we have recently launched our AnyCastDNS service that allows website owners around the globe to get global distribution of their DNS so that their DNS is fast, stable and reliable. By doing this, when people try to visit their website it will perform better.  One of the additional benefits is that Google’s indexing servers will be able to index your site better and faster, thus helping your website search ranking for as long as Google chooses to use the speed of your website performance as part of their search ranking.

Here at AllCore Communications Inc. our new AnyCastDNS service takes your DNS information and shares it with 19 servers we have located around the globe in 9 different countries on 5 different continents.  See a map of our DNS locations.

We think this service is so important to your success, that we are dropping all the fees for our existing clients and giving it away ABSOLUTELY FREE, we want you to have the best possible internet and website hosting service possible.

To find out more, please e-mail or call us at 1-866-320-0011.

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