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Back in July Google starts the trend of pushing browsers to display all HTTP sites as “Not Secure”.  They did this not only to increase security on the web but also to increase your sites SEO.  However, having this status could negatively affect your sites’ user confidence.  Therefore, website owners should act now and purchase an SSL Certificate.  You don’t want your consumers to be cautious about their online security being on a website associated with this “Not Secure” tag.  Below is how an HTTP site will appear on a few of the browsers:

Chrome & Opera


Why it’s important to have a secure site with an SSL Certificate?

In order to make the Internet a much safer place for consumers, Google has been encouraging website owners to purchase an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for their websites.  Having a way to identify an insecure site will help users avoid scams and security threats plus offer an extra layer of protection. Today, everyone uses personal information for secure logins and online purchases, and an SSL certificate can help to keep your users’ information secure. Some of the core benefits of switching to secure sites are:


Having a secure website will instill a sense of trust to your customers. Trust is valuable to any business relationship and showing that they can trust you with their personal information will only make your business thrive that much more.


With an SSL certified website, cybercriminals cannot listen or read the data transmitted over the secure connections.

Online Identity

Securing your site with an SSL certificate verifies your online identity and reassures your clients that you take SSL security levels seriously.


Google also announced that having an SSL certificate will provide an SEO edge to your website.

Chrome’s changes for Non-Secure Websites

Google stated that they will eventually label all HTTP non-secure pages with the security red triangle indicator that they use for broken HTTPS pages.  Therefore if you don’t plan on getting an SSL Certificate, you might want to rethink that.  Because if your users thought your site wasn’t trustworthy before, they definitely will with this red triangle and warning.

How to get an SSL Certificate?

There are many sources to obtaining an SSL Certificate, all you have to do is simply execute a Google search and you will see your options.  Although many individuals or businesses will not know what type to purchase or what to do with one once they have it.  Therefore this simple Google search might not be as helpful as one might think.

Another great option would be to consult your hosting provider – – our team here at AllCore can provide you with your SSL Certificate and we can install it for you.  This way you know you are getting the right SSL Certificate for your site’s needs and that it is installed properly so everything runs smoothly and correctly.

Next, you want to make sure you update all your URLs and web scripts to your new HTTPS links.  You should then create a 301 redirect on all your new HTTPS links in order to improve your Google ranking. This step is pretty crucial as it allows the Google crawler to re-rank your website.


This is the new standard for most browsers and the sooner you get on the bandwagon and purchase your SSL the better it will be for your business.  If you need help purchasing your SSL to secure your website to gain the trust and confidence with your customers, contact us today.