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AllCore AnyCast DNS ServiceAnyCast DNS makes your website faster to connect to, and increases reliability and performance of your site to your users.  That all sounds great but you might be wondering how it works exactly.

DNS is what allows people to connect to your website as well as the sending and receiving of every email.  Normally your website is located on 2 DNS servers in one location in order for it to run with any form of reliability.

With AllCore’s AnyCast DNS service your site will be located in 19 different locations around the globe.  This means if a client in England tries to access your site; instead of going to our DNS server in Canada, they will access our DNS server in England; the closest server to their location, bringing up your website much faster. The faster your user can get your DNS zone and information, the faster they can get to your website, find the information they are looking for and lower bounce rates.

How AnyCast DNS Benefits YOU!

  1. This service is FREE to AllCore customers!
  2. Faster Connection to your website – users connect to the server closest to their location
  3. Increased Performance – load is balanced by distributing the requests amongst all 19 servers
  4. Increased Reliability – your site will be resilient, if one data center is down, traffic will automatically flow to the next closest server
  5. Enhanced Security – your site will be stronger against DoS and DDoS attacks as it is much harder to attack a host using duplicate IP address schemes that reside in different parts of the network

AnyCast DNS is the perfect solution to ensure your users will have the best possible experience on your site.  If you’re an AllCore Customer and are interested in adding this amazing feature to your account for free please contact us at:

Toll Free: 1-866-320-0011 then choose option # 1
Local: 1-905-481-3251 then choose options # 1
Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST

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